Reinvention and Change

divergent paths
I recently read Dorie Clark’s “Reinventing You” – it’s a simple-to-read yet fairly comprehensive guid to self reinvention in the modern world. And honestly, I wish it had been published five years ago, when I was beginning my own process of career reinvention.

Obviously, one can’t change who they intrinsically are. Bu they can change the course of their lives. At the very least, they can try.

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Native Advertising in the Social Age

  1. Best form of content& advertising is that which is shared. Re-targeting will never be as powerful as sharing, says @jonsteinberg #SMWNative
  2. It’s not enough, any longer, to make a singular piece of content and then distribute across channels. Platforms are too evolved and consumers are too savvy. Instead, we (brands, marketers, publishers) must make sure that content is created for the specific platforms on which it will live. Over the course of Social Media Week 0 in New York, there were several panels and discussions on what we call native advertising. The key question: How do we tell stories and ensure that they make sense in the context in which they are being told? Continue reading



What is it that makes something last? What is it that makes words become a story? And what makes that story become a legend? What is it that takes something beyond the moment and turns it into part of our collective culture?

What makes Tony the Tiger an icon and Katy the Kangaroo an also ran?

What made Diet Coke take off and Tab fizzle out?

What made us a adopt the red-suited Coca-Cola Santa as our symbol of Christmas?

What makes one movie stay in our collective consciousness and another be forgotten about the moment it leaves the theaters? What makes a band immortal and another a “one hit wonder”?

Branding? Advertising? Men around a big conference table, smoking Luckys and drinking Scotch? 


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Why Is Your Brand Using Social Media?


Is it just me, or do the rest of you feel that a lot of marketing directors and members of the C-Suite still think that social media is a magic bullet?

One that can replace ad spend.

One that doesn’t cost money (hey, Facebook, is free, right?).

One that will magically sell all the things that you want the public to buy from you.


I know.

That’s crazy.

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The Case For Curation


There is a chain shoe store near the office building wear I work. I walk past it a few times a day. And every day, at least once, I peek in the window. I see some cute shoes (anyone who knows me knows that I’m, like many girls, a fan of cute shoes), yet I’ve never gone inside.


Because there are too many shoes in the window. Seriously. Way too many shoes.

Yeah. I know. But stay with me.

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